As a pioneer in the painting and decorating industry Wooster have helped to introduce many of the technologies that decorators use every day. The Wooster range includes a variety of painting tools including paint brushes, rollers and buckets. All products are designed, engineered and manufactured in America so that they can control the quality of every product.


Wooster accessories include the popular Pelican bucket and additional liners. All accessories are designed specifically for professional decorators.

Wooster Accessories

Angled Brushes

Angled paint brushes make cutting in a breeze as the angled brush head changes the hand position giving better visibility of the painting line. 

Wooster Angled Brushes

Straight Brushes

Wooster straight brushes are designed to hold plenty of paint which means less dips in the bucket. With reinforced filaments you can guarantee no bristle loss.

Wooster Straight Brushes

Roller Frames

Wooster roller frames are designed to last. The Sherlock roller is an industry favourite and has not been changed since its original design because it works.

Wooster Roller Frames

Roller Sleeves

All sizes of Wooster roller sleeves are produced on the same line and shaved to the correct length, this gives a consistent finish no matter what size sleeve you use.

Wooster Roller Sleeves

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