Our commitment to sustainability


Our Home, Our Responsibility

This is an exciting time for Univar Specialty Consumables, as we become a sustainability leader in our industry. In that respect, we reaffirm our commitment to the Guiding Principles of the United Nations Global Compact, through which we are determined to drive environmental and social improvement in line with business growth, addressing global challenges and delivering deeper value to our stakeholders.


To ensure we remain focused on sustainability our team hold bi-monthly sustainability meetings to discuss how we can continue to reduce our environmental impact.


Energy and Emissions

Energy and Emissions

Minimize Univar’s environmental impact by reducing energy usage and associated emissions.

Resource use

Resource Use

Reduce resource consumption of operations while delivering business growth.

Responsible Handling

Responsible Handling

Protect our people, communities, and environment by leading a “Zero Release” culture to minimize major releases.



Continuously improve Univar’s proud safety record, protecting our workforce and demonstrating we are serious about safety.

Sustainable supply chain

Sustainable Supply Chain

Lead on transparency in the supply chain as we responsibly manage and influence the environmental and social impacts of our suppliers.

Equality and Diversity

Equality & Diversity

Demonstrate Univar’s commitment to providing equal opportunities to all employees, through training, education, and reporting.

2019 Performance

  • We reduced our electricity consumption by 38,266kw/h
  • Our gas consumption has reduced by 1007kw/h since 2017
  • We installed LED lights throughout our office
  • We now use kraft paper tape on all parcels making our parcel packaging fully recyclable.

2020 Targets

  • Reduce water usage by 12 Cubic Meters
  • Reduce gas consumption by 23kw/h for 2020
  • Reduce electric consumption by 12,000kw/h

Reducing our carbon footprint - Continuous improvement

Although the data above is a great start our team continue to look at ways to continually improve our environmental impact. The items below are our ideas for the future to help reduce our carbon footprint.


Reducing plastic wrapping
Our operations team are working to reduce our plastic wrapping usage by moving to a bailing system that uses recyclable bands to hold pallets and parcels together instead of polythene wrapping.


More recycling, less waste collections

Our staff are looking at ways to better sort our recycling and use more recycled products in order to reduce the number of waste collections we require. Less waste collections means less fuel used by our waste company.


Electric charging points for staff and visitors

With the future of motoring becoming more electric we are looking at ways that we can encourage our staff and partners to move to electric or hybrid vehicles. By providing electric charging points our staff would be able to charge their cars during the day ready for their commute home.


Electric delivery vehicles

We currently ship thousands of parcels per year which all require delivery to our customers. Our team are working with our delivery partners to see how we can use more electric vehicles to deliver our parcels.


Closing message

We are focussed as a business on doing our part to help the environment by working closely with our customers, partners and suppliers to reduce waste and continue to source sustainable products that help to reduce the impact on the planet.


Our Home, Our Responsibility.