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Automotive Division

Automotive Division

Experts in Automotive

The automotive industry is at the heart of our business and has been for many years. By working closely with our customers we have helped some of the biggest names in automotive manufacturing find the best solution to improve processes and save money.

We work as part of your team to find the right solution

We stand shoulder to shoulder with your team on the line to ensure that your business is as efficient as it can be. One of our strengths is our relationships with world-renowned brands such as 3M, Dow, Chicopee, Mirka and Horn and Bauer. These relationships allow us to bring in new innovations, share market best practices and negotiate cost savings that can be passed on to your business whilst maintaining a high level of product quality.

Manufacturing efficiency also comes from the services and technology that we offer. Whether it is vending machines for personalised inventory control or line side assistance from our In-store teams we can put services and technology in place that reduce your team's workload and keeps the line moving.

From OEM's to Tier 1 and 2

We work with a wide range of manufacturers in the UK including some of the biggest names in the UK automotive industry. Our years of experience allow us to offer solutions and process improvements to every area of production.

Our business is not restricted to OEM's, we also work with a number of Tier 1 and Tier 2 businesses to provide goods and services that aid their manufacturing processes.

Technology Driven

Embracing Technology

At Univar, we make data-driven decisions to help your business. With technical innovations like our Auto T-Card software and automatic order submission via our data interchange, we can offer automated solutions and provide data that helps you to understand what you are using so you can stay on top of your business.  

Our Services



  • On-site vending machines
  • Typically we see a reduction between 25% and 40% in usage.


  • Management of all purchasing, suppliers, stock and logistics
  • Global product sourcing
  • Lineside or point of use delivery
  • Transaction cost reductions
  • Waste reduction programme
  • Training seminars and in house exhibitions
  • Transferable technical knowledge
  • Troubleshooting
  • Consolidated monthly invoice
  • Documented visit reports.

Vendor Managed Inventory

  • Line-side replenishment and support
  • Data-driven operations so you get the right stock at the right time

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